Andrew Scott: All I want for Christmas…

With Christmas around the corner, we ask Harveys’ staff what’s on their Christmas wish list this year.

Andrew Scott
Andrew is our Restaurant Manager. He tells us what he’s hoping to find under the Christmas Tree this year.

James Aubrey Jacket
£169, Menswear

“This is a fantastic weatherproof jacket with great styling. It’s flexible enough to wear when out walking in the Dales, out for dinner or watching football.”

James Aubrey

Nespresso Coffee Maker
From £89.99, Cookshop

“As a bit of a George Clooney look-a-like, this is a perfect pressie. A lovely cup of coffee everytime –  just how I want it, perfect strength and a flavour to match my mood.”


Stellar 3000 Non Stick Pan Set
£150, Cookshop

“Having been involved in restaurants for nearly 30 years, I know the value of a good set of pans and these are superb, very well made with a non stick coating, a good weight without being too heavy to lift when full of ingredients”


Baavet Duvet
£155, Linens department

“The latest thing in duvet design, filled with wool instead of feathers. After working all these hours in the run up to Christmas I will be looking forward to a great night’s sleep under this duvet – perfect.”