Maria’s Easter gift ideas

Well Easter is almost upon us, the first of the Bank holidays for this year (apart from New Year of course).Maria

It’s the time of year when we start doing the Spring cleaning, gardening and DIY. Some of us will leave that for a couple of weeks until the next Bank holiday and use this one as family time. It’s a long weekend and many people celebrate Easter Sunday by decorating, exchanging or searching for eggs. Eggs may be fresh or boiled, they may be chocolate or made of other materials, or some people will exchange other gifts related to Easter or Spring time.

I love Easter and I like to give little gifts, either a chocolate egg or something to keep. So I’ve bought my Easter cards ready for posting and thought I would look at what there was available from our Gift department and yes guess what? I was not disappointed.
There are chocolates for all ages from Duc d’Or miniature Belgian chocolate eggs and boxes of Belgian chocolates already wrapped for adults to buckets and bags of chocolate Easter eggs for the egg hunt, chocolate bunnies and Belgian chocolate ‘chick’ lollies.
If it’s not chocolate that you’re looking for, take a look at some of the soft toys we have; there are chicks that quack and lambs that baa, they are sooo soft and cute and they don’t break the bank


Or the floppy eared bunny, she is gorgeous and is just looking for a cuddle.


Talking about cute – just arrived is the soft Peter Rabbit, a lovely start to the Beatrix Potter collection, I love Beatrix Potter, my girls got the set of books and some of the figurines for christening presents (a good few years ago I might add!) and we still have them on display now, they are timeless pieces and they bring a smile to all ages. I bought each of the girls an alphabet letter not long ago and they loved them.


Another set of collectibles are the Ewe and me sheep they’re not soft toys but just as sweet each dressed in a different outfit and have individual names.


For the adults who love chocolate but shouldn’t indulge then the how about the next best thing? A Yankee candle in… wait for it, wait for it….White Chocolate Bunnies!



Well, you have finished work on Thursday and you have a long weekend ahead of you, what can you do with the children? How about doing some baking? The 3D cookie cutters are excellent baking and decorating at the same time, we have the Easter bunny and the Easter chick or how about making a rabbit shaped jelly or blancmange, blancmange…..I digress.


I found a brilliant gadget for separating yolks from whites it’s the Practical Yolker, you crack the egg into a dish and then place the gadget over the yolk, give it a squeeze and it draws the yolk up and leaves the white in the dish and you can plonk your yolk into another dish, genius! Excellent if you are making meringues or macarons.

Anyway, talking about eating and family, what is an easy way to feed a crowd around the breakfast or brunch table? Can you guess? Yes, eggs! And I have just bought some Poachies, they are egg poaching bags, that’s right and there are 20 bags in one pack, you crack your egg into one of the bags and then place it into a pan of boiling water, once you have left it in the water for the desired time, lift the bag out, drain, open the bag and tip out your egg on to your toast, eggs benedict or a warm bacon and black pudding salad, no need for any butter, oil or vinegar. Delicious.

Right I am off to get myself organised for Easter, until the next time enjoy your bank holiday whether it’s organising an egg hunt, entertaining family or catching up with DIY.

Happy Easter!