Share your memories of Halifax

To celebrate the reopening of The Piece Hall, which will include our new homeware department, we’re planning our autumn window displays around a Halifax Heritage theme.

Piece Hall

This will cover a wide range of topics including the wool trade, architecture and Halifax household names. To help us in this ambitious and exciting project, we’re asking our customers to get involved by sharing any of their hidden treasures about our wonderful town and district, for example by:

  • Loaning specific items for display in the windows, or
  • Sharing their memories of Harveys

At this stage we are open to all offers and suggestions as we would hate to miss out on some of the true gems that we suspect people may have hidden away in their attics!

Please contact the store on, call 01422 331188 or pop in-store to speak to Oli or Torban on the Fashion Floor if you would like to be involved.

No offer or suggestion is deemed too crazy for consideration!

If you have specific memories of The Piece Hall you can submit them on their website here