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Armor Lux


Armor Lux was founded in 1938 by 31 year old Walter Hubacher in Quimper, France

Armor Lux factory

The purpose of the design of the Breton shirt was to distinguish fishermen who went overboard against the dark waters of the sea.

In March 1958 the French navy decided the exact composition of the Breton style shirts – 21 stripes. The 21 stripes referring to the 21 victories of Napoleon

In 1992 Armor Lux was taken over by Jean-Guy Le Floch and Michel Gueguen, whose aim was to make sure that the brand’s heritage continued indefinitely in its founding town of Quimper.

Armor Lux

Today, they have over 75 years of experience in product design and craft, over 50 stores, 600 members of staff and three production sites


In 2005 the brand released its first line crafted from Fairtrade cotton which is ECOCERT certified.


Armor Lux is available in the UK, USA,  Japan, Australia and many other countries. The own 85 circular knitting machines, allowing them to produce shirts in large quantities to satisfy the global demand


Armour Lux produce a uniform for French postal workers, police officers and train controllers on the French SNCF network.

Armor Lux have collaborated with a range of brands from Topshop, Norse Projects and Barneys of New York. All the collaborations feature the classic Breton shirt

Armor Lux - SNCF workers