From a small cellar space in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, Fjällräven (translation – Arctic Fox) has expanded to all corners of the world.


It all started in 1950 with a 14 year old boy who didn’t think the backpacks of the time were particularly comfortable… and has since grown into the global brand that it is today. Created for active lives, from sea level all the way to the mountains.

Fjällräven’s design is based on durability, functionality and timeless looks. Gear should be mended, fixed and used over and over again. Or better still made so it never breaks.

This craftsmanship goes back to the roots of the company and is built around a culture of pride where compromises are avoided and people stay at it until it’s perfect. The is also why many Fjällräven products end up as classics.

Never intended for any particular year. Face to face with nature. Ready for the elements

Fjall Raven Greenland shirt

Kånken backpack

Kånken – originally created in 1978 to help prevent back problems in school children, Kånken has now become an iconic example of Swedish design.

Fjall Raven backpack

Re-Kånken: (2016) – as part of a project to create a Kånken from as little raw material, water and energy as possible results in Re-Kånken, manufactured from 11 recycled PET bottles and using the innovative Spin-dye® technology.

Kånken becomes art (2016) – Distinct, low-key design and a high level of functionality – and now an artist’s work. The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design classifies Kånken as applied art and awards it with the same copyright protection as music, film and literature.

“I think that Kånken is here to stay, especially among young people. It sends a signal of steadiness in a word obsessed with trends. Sure, its popularity has accelerated in recent
years and many people probably see it as an accessory. But we will never look at Kånken as a trend. It is Kanken. It has been here for 40 years and it will be here for at least 40 more.”
Svante Bjorkroth – Product developer, Fjallraven


Fjall Raven

Ovik Knit Crew | Keb Lite Jacket

Fjällräven – by appointment to H.M. The King of Sweden

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