Calderdale Lighthouse - June's Charity of The Month


This month we're supporting Calderdale Lighthouse. Look out for their collection boxes on our till points. 

Here's more about Calderdale Lighthouse in their own words...

Calderdale Lighthouse was set up in September 2018 by Diane Barker, Donna Williams and Emma Poyser Buxton.

The creation of Calderdale Lighthouse came from a shared interest and passion to support disadvantaged and vulnerable families in need, throughout Calderdale.

Calderdale Lighthouse

We are a charitable organisation in Halifax. We receive donations from the public of baby equipment and essentials, clothing for babies up to teens, bedding, toys, books and toiletries. We then distribute these to families in need, via a professional only referral system. These referrals come from all types of different agencies, midwives, health visitors, social workers, schools and food banks.

We began our service in October last year and we have supported approx 220 families and over 400 children / teens in this time. We are getting busier every week, as different agencies and services hear about us.

Our latest project are “teen packs”, these contain shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste sanitary pads and deodorant. These are distributed to secondary schools throughout Calderdale, for particular students that the teaching staff have identified. These promote good hygiene habits, and also help reduce absenteeism and bullying. Several teachers have told us the huge difference these packs have made to their students. We have sent 256 of these out to students since December.

We are run solely by volunteers. Apart from the 3 founders, we have 6 wonderful volunteers that work tirelessly in our unit at Holmfield. We have already grown out of one unit, we took on another room in February, which holds our larger equipment. We are constantly fundraising, holding raffles and tombolas. Any money raised is used for mattresses, safety gates and fireguards. We think that safety equipment should be new whenever possible.

At Calderdale Lighthouse we firmly believe all our referrals should go out to families in child friendly bags; the sort with cartoon characters on. These we believe encourage a feeling of self worth for the child receiving their “new” items. We would never send anything out that we wouldn't give to our own loved ones. This is the high standard we set for our clients. We don't ever work on the premise “it will do”. This is not good enough for the families we support.

We have a great following on Facebook. If we specifically ask for an item for a family. We can usually guarantee we have the item ready to distribute within a couple of days.

The generosity from the people of Calderdale is overwhelming. Our unit is full to bursting with equipment and clothing that will change people's lives. We couldn't do what we do without them. 

It is an honour that such a prestigious company as Harvey's have chosen us to be their “charity of the month”. Hopefully we will raise some much needed funds. Thank you to all concerned.

Have a look at us on Facebook, or Twitter to see what we do on a daily basis. If you need any other information about our service, please get in touch

Call us on 01422 421458

Email us at

Have a look at our website

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