CLIC Sargent – September’s Charity of the Month


We're pleased to support CLIC Sargent this month. Here are a few words from the charity:

Cancer is shocking, overwhelming, isolating… and completely unfair. Especially when you’re young. It takes over your life. Treatment is gruelling and your ambitions and dreams – education, relationships, career, travel – suddenly seem very far away.

Clic Sargent

We get that. That’s why CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives. We provide grants and free accommodation close to hospital to help with spiralling costs. Our care teams are on hand to help families with everything from getting benefits to treatment closer to home. And we lobby the government to make sure they get the support they’re entitled to. We’re here to make sure young cancer patients can focus on getting their lives back on track.

And we know everyone is different, so we work hard to make sure our support is given how each child and young person needs it most.

Last year in Yorkshire, CLIC Sargent supported 500 children and young people living with cancer in Yorkshire. 431 financial grants were provided to these families, to the value of £85,379, and every single family affected received a family assessment from one of our CLIC Sargent Service Teams, identifying their needs and allowing them to produce a tailored and specific care plan.

If you would like to join Team Young Lives in the fight against cancer, or want to know more about our work, please visit We are extremely grateful to Harveys of Halifax for choosing us to be their community Charity of the Month this September, which is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM).

We will be in store during September so please come and find out more about CLIC Sargent, and look out for our collection cans throughout the store.

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