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Diabetes and The Importance of Good Foot Care


Choosing the right socks to avoid ulcers and amputations

Our new range of socks from Norfolk Socks look after your feet, as well as being comfortable and stylish. 

Norfolk Socks

Diabetes UK say-
  • Diabetes causes 8,500 lower limb amputations each year (160 per week) at a cost of over £1.0bn to the NHS 4.6 million people in the UK have Diabetes
  • The high blood sugar levels often sustained by Diabetics causes Neuropathy, or nerve and blood vessel damage
  • Nerve damage reduces the feeling pain – so you don’t know if you have damaged your feet
  • Healing of any skin damage with Diabetics takes longer than normal
  • Amongst the many things Diabetics can do to improve their situation Diabetes UK recommend good shoes and socks – ideally specifically designed for Diabetics
  • Avoid foot damage through abrasion, heat, sharp edges, moisture and bacterial infection

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists say

  • Every day 23 people with Diabetes will have toes, feet or legs amputated
  • Diabetics are 23 times more likely to need amputations than the general public
  • Only 50% of people survive after 2 years following an amputation
  • Only 58% of people with Diabetes survive 5yrs after the development of a Diabetic foot ulcer
  • Nearly all Diabetic amputations are caused by impaired circulation and nerve damage

Public Health England say-

  • One third of all people that developed ulcers still had them 12 weeks later
  • One in 20 of those that developed ulcers died after just 24 weeks
  • People seen within 2 weeks of developing ulcer symptoms are much more likely to survive and be ulcer free than those seen later

The Diabetic Council say-

  • Diabetic socks can prevent ulcers and therefore amputations

Norfolk Socks say-

There is much more evidence like that above, that supports the importance of good foot care especially for Diabetics. So, without doubt the prevention of ulcers is vital for each and every one of those 4.6 million people in the UK with Diabetes, and we at Norfolk Socks are doing our very best to help. Our heritage of sock making goes back over 2 generations, and with this knowledge and experience we believe we have developed what we think is the ultimate Diabetic socks. Using the latest technology in production, computerised design techniques and modern yarns, our Diabetic and Oedema friendly socks satisfy all the key needs identified above to help avoid ulcers and improve the comfort and care of these sufferers.

These socks have the following key features-

  • Ultra-smooth, non-abrasive toe seam avoids friction and catching on toe nails
  • Utilising the latest Stretch+ technology these socks will stretch 50-70% more than ordinary socks
  • A gentle, easy fit, soft top that does not bind on the legs or restrict blood flow yet grips enough to stay up and avoid creasing and bunching
  • Unique ventilation panels over the toes and the sole of the foot (key sweat areas)
  • Shrink resistant yarn – these socks are specifically design not to shrink, so are ideal in care homes where bulk, hot washing is common
  • Sanitized ®Antibacterial finish – keeps your feet fresh and healthy all day long
  • Natural fibres – we have both cotton and wool versions that are carefully balanced with nylon to give both comfort and durability.
  • By using the very latest yarns and construction these socks have excellent moisture absorption and wicking effects for improved comfort and hygiene

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