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Mr Natty Shipwreck Soap

Mr Natty’s Shipwreck Soap is hand-made and traditionally cold-pressed. This means it is steeped for a month to get it just how we like it. We have it infused with...

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Mr Natty Shave Cream

For the best shave you need moisture. Taking whiskers from your face can be aggravating so, the smoother the process, the better the shave. This self-lathering shave cream is formulated with...

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Mr Natty Shave Oil

Mr Natty has prepared a beautifully scented shave oil that can be used as well as a shaving soap or entirely on it’s own. Perfect for travelling light. Always splash...

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Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic is an all natural skin cream made from six of nature's most powerful moisturising and healing ingredients. The result is a luxurious cream with moisturising and nourishing properties...

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