Choosing a Bra

The importance of a correctly fitting bra

It is reported that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size or shape bra. The correct bra should be one that is supportive, comfortable, flattering and make you feel fabulous too.


How to spot a wrong fit:

  • The straps slip off your shoulders
  • The back rides up
  • The cups wrinkle
  • The breasts spill out
  • The centre front of your bra stands away from your body
  • You experience uncomfortable chafing
  • The bra has unsightly bumps and ridges

Making the right choice

Every woman has her own unique shape and we want you to experience the benefits of wearing a bra that is the perfect fit for you.

It is practically impossible to self-guess your correct bra size and our trained lingerie staff are here to ensure you make an informed choice.

We offer free, private consultations to establish and meet your individual needs and our staff members have extensive knowledge of our full range of products available to you in our department.

The fitting experience

Our bra fitting service is accompanied by sensitivity and discretion. Our staff will easily dispel any embarrassment or reservations you may have, whether you are being fitted for the first time or have been fitted previously.

In the privacy of your own fitting room, our experienced bra fitter will be able to measure you, discuss your requirements and help you choose the right bra. She will be able to offer you a selection of bras to try and be able to tell the correct fit for you immediately.

You may need to try several bras before finding exactly the right one for you.

When should I have a bra fitting?

A woman’s breasts change size and shape many times during her life. They can be affected by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding, the menopause and putting on or losing weight.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding how long a bra will last. It depends on several factors:

  • What fabric the bra is
  • The design of the bra
  • Wear and tear

What is certain is that your bra will eventually lose its inherent support properties and therefore it is important to replace your worn out bra as soon as is necessary.

We recommend that you aim to be professionally fitted every time you buy a new bra.

Our fitting service

Our expert fitters are available during store opening hours. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you allow us to pre-book a personal appointment for you by telephoning the store or by asking in our lingerie department.

For friendly, discreet advice on all your lingerie needs, book your free consultation today.
Call us on 01422 331188

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